Our drive is to transform science into innovation.

We are an SME (Small and Medium–sized Enterprise) located in Fürth, Bavaria specialised in IT-based innovations in the fields of global telecommunications, medical engineering and automation, and can provide know how in sustainable energy management. As experts in innovation management and innovation processes, we develop highly complex IT systems and transform science into innovative products.

HMG uses specific, acknowledged methods which have been optimized over many years of experience to manage complex systems and technologies. Functional anatomy is the key method which we use, including iterative “use case” based development and incremental system integration as well as incremental testing. Functional anatomy allows us to structure complex development projects according to their functions, to show dependencies, to define roles/workflows and finally to master the entire development process. We assist our international clients and partners in creating new ideas, devices or processes and help to increase efficiency by reducing the time spent on development, integration and testing.

The company was founded by Herna Muñoz-Galeano in 2014, by merging two companies which she previously owned

  • In 1998, Herna Muñoz-Galeano began as an independent consultant with telecommunication organisations, companies and network operators in protocol specification, network signalling and interconnection.
  • Along with the fast development of telecommunications in Europe, she ventured into the fields of mobile networks and mobile device development in the year 2000. The integration of complex software systems and the methods to approach complexity became her passion. Partnerships with other freelancers allowed her to take responsibility for large projects.
  • In 2003, she founded the engineering office ‘Herna Muñoz Galeano System Integration’. The company applied methods originally created in the telecommunication industry to problems in the fields of medical engineering and automation of high speed trains. Functional anatomy and agile project management methods were her keys to success.
  • ‘Engineering Services Herna Muñoz-Galeano’ was founded in 2006 with the purpose of supporting customers locally by performing integration tasks.
  • In January 2014, the two companies ‘Herna Muñoz-Galeano System Integration’ and ‘Engineering Services Herna Muñoz-Galeano’ were merged into ‘HMG Systems Engineering GmbH’. The company has grown from 14 to 34 employees in 2 years.
  • In April 2016, Herna was awarded the Career Prize of “Engineer PowerWoman 2016” by the Deutsche Messe AG.
  • In June 2016, HMG Systems Engineering GmbH was chosen as one of the “TOP 100 Innovator 2016″ ( of German SMEs. The award was presented to managing director Herna Muñoz-Galeano in Essen by Ranga Yogeshwar.
  • Since 2018 Herna is part of EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Class 2018/19™ in Germany and Europe.
  • In July 2019, Herna and her team were awarded with the “IHK-Gründerpreis für Mittelfranken 2019“.


Based on the experience and knowledge we had gained over the years from our systems engineering activities, we started to develop our own product in 2014: the PGXperts® Platform, which makes personalised medicine possible. This is in parallel to our ongoing systems engineering services.

This venture represents a stepping stone for the company which now becomes a manufacturer of a medical device for the European market. We are proud of this new step and our first award for the PGXperts® Platform: the 2nd place at PerMediCon 2016, Cologne, for our poster describing our pilot project.

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