27 February 2020 | Since September 2019, the approximately 600,000 patients of the doctors network NeuroTransData (NTD), which operates across Germany, have been benefiting from the use of PGXperts® InteraktionsCheck. The software is fully integrated into NTD’s digital treatment system DESTINY and supports physicians to prescribe a personalised medication considering pharmacogenetic risks as well as interactions between drugs, foods and beverages.

Time for a first résumé: in an interview with NTC-Impulse, the doctors’ network’s patient magazine, HMG Managing Director Herna Munoz-Galeano explains how PGXperts® InteraktionsCheck works and which patients benefit most from it. Click here for the interview. You can also find more news and articles around neurology and psychiatry in NTC-Impulse’s online archive.

Make up your own mind by trying the InteraktionsCheck app for 21 days free of charge and without obligation. Register now at www.pgxperts.com.

PGXperts® InteraktionsCheck
With the help of PGXperts™ InteraktionsCheck physicians are able to identify interaction risks between 48,000 drugs and active substances, 60 different foods and beverages as well as 173 genetic variants within a few seconds. Thus, physicians are able to optimise the medication of individual patients according to the most recent scientific findings. The clear presentation of genetically determined interaction risks allows physicians to identify risk prone patients who could benefit from a pharmacogenetic examination. HMG offers these examinations in cooperation with the Institute of Human Genetics at the University Hospital Bonn.