On the very first WHO „World Patient Safety Day“ on September 17, 2019

| As of now, the doctors network NeuroTransData (NTD), which operates across Germany, relies on the PGXperts™ InteraktionsCheck of the Fuerth-based IT company HMG Systems Engineering (HMG). The PGXperts™ software has been integrated into NTD’s digital treatment system DESTINY. When prescribing medication, physicians are now able to consider pharmacogenetic risks as well as interactions between drugs, foods and beverages for the first time ever. Fast, precise and safe. Thus, the doctors network is one of the pioneers in terms of personalised medication and patient safety.

As each individual person metabolises drugs differently during medication, doctors are regularly confronted with adverse drug reactions or therapy failure. It is known that undesired side effects can arise from the simultaneous intake of several drugs as well as from foods and beverages. This risk increases exponentially with the number of active substances. What is completely new is to consider the risks which have their origin in the individual genetic characteristics, which also have an impact on the effectiveness and tolerability of medicine. The holistic consideration of these interaction risks enables a personalised medication together with more safety for the patient.

Drug therapy safety has become more and more important over the past few years. One out of five Germans and more than 40% of all persons over the age of 65, permanently take five or more different drugs. Furthermore, the German health insurer Barmer mentions in its Arzneimittelreport (report on drugs) 2018, that about 7% of all hospitalisations and approximately 3-5% of all mortalities are caused by adverse drug effects. With their cooperation, HMG and NTD are setting new standards in terms of patient safety.

PGXperts™ InteraktionsCheck

With the help of PGXperts™ InteraktionsCheck physicians are able to identify interaction risks between 40.000 drugs and active substances, 60 different foods and beverages as well as 173 genetic variants within a few seconds. Thus, physicians are able to optimise the medication individually and according to the most recent scientific findings. The clear presentation of genetically determined interaction risks allows physicians to identify those risk patients who could benefit from a pharmacogenetic examination. HMG offers such an examination in cooperation with the Institute of Human Genetics at the University Hospital Bonn.

„With the seamless integration of our PGXperts™ InteraktionsCheck into DESTINY we enable the physicians of NTD to prescribe a personalised medication for all of their patients“, emphasises HMG’s founder and CEO Herna Munoz-Galeano. „We are very happy that with NTD we have found an innovative partner. Together we are taking this important step to achieve the objective of the systematic application of pharmacogenetic findings in medical practice.“

Using digital technologies for therapy optimisation

„Considering the current medical expertise and the innovative digital technologies, the approach of „trial and error“ is no longer adequate for choosing the right medication“, as the neurologist and CEO of NTD, Dr. Anfin Bergmann puts it. „Physicians should be supported by an appropriate system that contains the complete medical knowledge related to specific diseases and breaks this down to the individual situation of the patient. All this information has to be accessible at the push of a button.“

For the purposes of this vision NTD created a digital medical platform called DESTINY, which contains a whole set of different modules for continuous therapy control and therapy optimisation. In this way the effectiveness of the treatment increases significantly.

„We have chosen PGXperts™ because this solution also considers pharmacogenetic aspects for the medication and it convinced us regarding the excellent integration into our workflow. The interface of PGXperts™ InteraktionsChecks allows the gradual optimisation of the medication in an extremely time-saving way“, says the pleased member of NTD’s scientific board, Prof. Dr. Stefan Braune. „This is an important  module for a comprehensive personalised medication and it also shows us how doctors and patients can benefit from digital support systems.“

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About HMG Systems Engineering GmbH

The Fuerth-based IT company HMG Systems Engineering (HMG) was founded in 2014. With its software platform PGXperts™, HMG supports physicians with questions in regards to complex drug therapies and thus makes an important contribution to personalised medication. PGXperts™ offers solutions for a comprehensive overview of drug interactions as well as for the interpretation of clinically relevant genetic information of the patient. Thus, HMG integrates scientific findings into the doctor’s decision making process. HMG’s founder and CEO is Herna Munoz-Galeano

Awards: IHK-Gründerpreis Mittelfranken 2019 | TOP 100 of the most innovative SMEs in Germany 2016 | 2nd Price PerMediCon-Award 2016

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About NeuroTransData

NeuroTransData (NTD) is a network of neurologists and psychiatrists operating across Germany. Its members are modern, efficient and digital practices with a high number of patients. The network currently consists of 66 practices with 130 physicians. Each year more than 600.000 patients receive treatment in those practices. Since its foundation in 2008 the network’s headquarters are based in Neuburg an der Donau. The CEO is Dr. Arnfin Bergmann.

Awards: Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award 2019: „Best Neurology & Psychiatry Network 2019 & Leading Provider of Digital Health Solutions – Germany” | Deutscher Exzellenzpreis 2018 | Bayerischer Innovationspreis Gesundheitstelematik 2018 | Stevie Award 2018: „Health & Medical Information Solution“

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