22 June 2020 | The PGXperts InteractionsCheck from HMG Systems Engineering now provides up-to-date information on interactions for the 21 most promising off-label active substances against Covid-19. This also includes active substances that have not yet been approved in Europe.

New drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 are being sought worldwide. However, the development and approval of new drugs is a costly and lengthy process. Therefore, more and more promising off-label drugs are being tested, i.e. drugs already approved for the treatment of other diseases are used outside their regulatory approval. Doctors and pharmacologists hope to clarify as quickly as possible whether and in which cases they can use these drugs sensibly. Elderly patients, but also younger patients with multiple diseases, i.e. members of the risk group, are particularly at risk for a severe course of Covid-19 due to their previous diseases and the associated polypharmacy. The use of any additional medication increases the risk of adverse drug reactions for these patients.

Dr. Bernd Hensel, specialist for general medicine and geriatrics, emphasises: “A decisive factor for the success of the therapy is that the treatment of Covid-19 also takes into account existing diseases and medication. It is difficult to keep track of the medication, especially with less familiar off-label medications. Here, the PGXperts InteractionsCheck is a quick help for doctors who are already under considerable time pressure”.

PGXperts InteractionsCheck – a simple and critical step towards patient safety

The PGXperts InteractionsCheck enables accurate risk assessment of drug interactions within seconds. The genetic characteristics, the entire spectrum of prescribed drugs and the individual lifestyle of the patient are taken into account. This now also includes information on interactions of 21 off-label active substances that are currently the most promising in the treatment of Covid-19, including those not yet approved in Europe.

The PGXperts InteractionsCheck is available as a Web and smartphone application and can be seamlessly integrated into practice/hospital information systems. It can therefore be used for in-patient treatment, in the medical practice and on the go, for example during house calls or emergency operations. Medical personnel can test all functions free of charge for 21 days via  trial access on www.pgxperts.com.

“With PGXperts, we are pleased to make our contribution so that doctors can assess the interaction risks of Covid-19 therapy within seconds and optimally adjust the medication for their patients accordingly,” says Herna Munoz-Galeano, founder and Managing Director of HMG Systems Engineering.

Link to GERMAN version.

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