1 October 2020 | Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing, to determine which drugs and drug doses are appropriate for patients, could improve drug efficacy and reduce the occurrence of adverse drug effects.

With our integrated solution PGXperts and a comprehensive and actionable report we enable physicians to manage complex medication for individual patients in a safe and easy way.

Listen to our founder and managing director Herna Munoz-Galeano and 3 other opinion leaders and experts in the field of Pharmacogenetics and Personalised Medicine. They share their perspective on PGx and its current state of the art in their respective countries: Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Qatar.

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The video interview from gene sequencing company Illumina addresses a few key themes: the benefits of PGx as a discipline; today’s challenges of implementing PGx in the clinical routine and how to overcome those; the main areas of application; and a vision for the future.

Pharmacogenetic expert panel video interview by Illumina