4 December 2019 | We are very pleased about the detailed review of our app PGXperts™ InteraktionsCheck in Deutsches Ärzteblatt, the official publication of the German Medical Association.
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Overall Conclusion: PGXperts’ InteraktionCheck enables healthcare professionals to digitally check drug/drug interactions and obtain pharmacogenetic information on smartphones, tablets and PCs. The app offers direct support in view of the importance of the topic of drug therapy safety in the clinical practice.
It is suitable both for practicing physicians and for students. The app displays interactions with symbols, which makes it possible to recognise especially severe and medium interactions at first glance and to initiate necessary measures accordingly, even though the application cannot be a substitute for one’s own medical discretion. The app is purpose-oriented and functionally designed, and after a short introduction it can be understood even by inexperienced users. It ran stable in our test and we quickly received an answer to our support inquiry. Depending on the type of device, there may be somewhat longer loading times when logging in.”

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PGXperts™ InteraktionsCheck
With the help of PGXperts™ InteraktionsCheck physicians are able to identify interaction risks between 40,000 drugs and active substances, 60 different foods and beverages as well as 173 genetic variants within a few seconds. Thus, physicians are able to optimise the medication of individual patients according to the most recent scientific findings. The clear presentation of genetically determined interaction risks allows physicians to identify risk prone patients who could benefit from a pharmacogenetic examination. HMG offers these examinations in cooperation with the Institute of Human Genetics at the University Hospital Bonn.