PGXperts Platform

Making personalized medicine a reality for everyone

We provide a fast, reliable and cost-efficient system which supports medical practitioners in the optimization of individual drug therapy for each high-risk patient, based on their genetics.

Improving the quality of life for polypharmacy patients, most of  whom are elderly, has motivated us to develop the PGXperts Platform. Our first product translates the latest scientific discoveries in pharmacogenomics (PGX) and drug interaction into a personalized report for the medical practitioner. The report is addressed to the attending medical practitioner and summarizes the pharmacogenetic analysis of the patient combined with an interaction check of the prescribed drugs. The report gives an overview of available patient information to be taken into consideration for the therapy.

By continuously researching scientific literature, searching the web and exchanging with experts, our expertise in pharmacogenetics is always up to date. The PGXperts Platform supports country-specific languages, authorised drugs as well as regulatory issues, laws and guidelines.

PGXperts Platform is:

  • Modular: The modular structure of the PGXperts Platform (drug interaction module and PGX module) allows a variable setup, customized to each service provider.
  • International: The system is designed to support different languages; country-specific approved drugs; as well as regulatory issues.
  • Interoperable: Standardised interfaces allow integration of the system in a hospital environment as well as communication with other external systems.


In 2014, HMG together with our collaborators, the Praxisnetz Nuernberg Sued e.V. (PNS) and the Wilhelm Loehe University in Fuerth, to received partial grants for the research and development of PGXperts Platform from the Ministry of Economy, Media, Energy and Technology of Bavaria.

In July 2016, HMG released the first PGXperts Service: InteraktionsCheck.
We bring drug interactions in to the genomic age

PGXperts platform, Arzneimittel InteraktionsCheck mit Pharmakogenetik

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PGXperts InteraktionsCheck is available for both iOS and Android mobiles.

PGXperts platform, Arzneimittel InteraktionsCheck mit Pharmakogenetik auf App Store
PGXperts platform, Arzneimittel InteraktionsCheck mit Pharmakogenetik auf Google Play


We received our first award for the PGXperts Platform in December 2016: 2nd place at PerMediCon 2016 (International Congress for Personalised Medicine) in Cologne for our poster describing our pilot project.

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Public appearance:

Starting cooperation with Praxisnetz Nuernberg Sued e.V. for a pilot on the PGXperts System
Beginning of 2016, HMG Systems Engineering GmbH together with PNS e.V. start a pilot on the PGXperts System. Goal is to collect experience and data to measure the possible benefits.
Download the patient brochure here (in German).

“Wenn Kopfschmerztabletten die Kopfschmerzen verursachen”
Press article in Nuernberger Nachrichten published on July 6th, 2015

Short videoclip on joint project for research and development of PGXperts® System

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