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Interaction risks of Covid-19 therapy – Fast check with PGXperts

Fürth – The PGXperts InteractionsCheck from HMG Systems Engineering now provides up-to-date information on interactions for the 21 most promising off-label active substances against Covid-19. This also includes active substances that have not yet been approved in Europe. New drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 are being sought worldwide. However, ...

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Can you stand it? An interview with HMG Managing Director Herna Munoz-Galeano sheds light on personal medication

Since September 2019, the approximately 600,000 patients of the doctors network NeuroTransData (NTD), which operates across Germany, have been benefiting from the use of PGXperts® InteraktionsCheck. The software is fully integrated into NTD’s digital treatment system DESTINY and supports physicians to prescribe a personalised medication considering pharmacogenetic risks as well ...

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What others say about us: App review of PGXperts™ InteraktionsCheck – Deutsches Ärzteblatt

We are very pleased about the detailed review of our app PGXperts™ InteraktionsCheck in Deutsches Ärzteblatt, the official publication of the German Medical Association. Read more here. “Overall Conclusion: PGXperts’ InteraktionCheck enables healthcare professionals to digitally check drug/drug interactions and obtain pharmacogenetic information on smartphones, tablets and PCs. The app ...

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Long Night of Science 2019 – We were there!

Every human being processes medication differently. With PGXperts™, personalised medication is not a science of the future, but already a reality in medical practice today. Our visitors to the Long Night of Science on October 19, 2019 were able to get their own idea. In entertaining talks in our Fuerth office ...

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2nd International Congress on Precision Medicine

We are pleased to announce our presence at the event on 14-15 October in Munich as a sponsor and with a lecture: Best Practice – Personalised Medication for Everyone Speaker: Herna Muñoz-Galeano, managing director and owner of HMG Systems Engineering For more information visit the event website. Link:

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HMG Systems Engineering from Fuerth awarded with “IHK-Gründerpreis Mittelfranken 2019”

With PGXperts™, HMG Systems Engineering enables physicians to optimise the medication individually for every patient – safe, precise and fast. Fuerth – HMG Systems Engineering GmbH and entrepreneur Herna Munoz-Galeano have been awarded with the “IHK-Gründerpreis Mittelfranken 2019”. The award, founded by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Nuremberg ...

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New Feature for the PGXperts InteraktionsCheck!

Why is PGxperts InteraktionCheck such a valuable and unique software application? PGXperts InteraktionCheck enables interactive analysis of drug interactions: in just a few seconds, the physician or healthcare professional can check drugs for possible pharmacological and pharmacogenetic interactions. Such as drug-drug, drug-gene, drug-food, drug-lifestyle. Thus, the PGXperts InteraktionCheck can also ...

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