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HMG Systems Engineering from Fuerth awarded with “IHK-Gründerpreis Mittelfranken 2019”

With PGXperts™, HMG Systems Engineering enables physicians to optimise the medication individually for every patient – safe, precise and fast. Fuerth – HMG Systems Engineering GmbH and entrepreneur Herna Munoz-Galeano have been awarded with the “IHK-Gründerpreis Mittelfranken 2019”. The award, founded by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Nuremberg ...

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New Feature for the PGXperts InteraktionsCheck!

Why is PGxperts InteraktionCheck such a valuable and unique software application? PGXperts InteraktionCheck enables interactive analysis of drug interactions: in just a few seconds, the physician or healthcare professional can check drugs for possible pharmacological and pharmacogenetic interactions. Such as drug-drug, drug-gene, drug-food, drug-lifestyle. Thus, the PGXperts InteraktionCheck can also ...

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EY EMEIA Winning Women Annual Meeting in Lisbon/Portugal

As part of the Ernst & Young (EY) Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Europe Class 2018/19, Herna Muñoz-Galeano participated in the annual congress in Lisbon/Portugal. She took part in a panel discussion focusing on the question “How do you support your people to transform your business?”. The panel members Ayanda Mzondeki, Carmen ...

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