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“A therapy for all, that was in the past” – Süddeutsche Zeitung, 29.06.2018

(29.06.2018. Christina Berndt. Süddeutsche Zeitung) Personalized medicine is considered a revolutionary development for healthcare professionals. But what exactly are their advantages and disadvantages? Read out more here Find out about PGXperts InteraktionsCheck at PGXperts InteraktionsCheck is available for Android, iOS and as a web version – analyzes drug interactions (drug-drug, drug-gene, drug-nutrition, drug-lifestyle) and provides ...

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HMG is invited to participate in the Roundtable discussion on Reimbursement in Personalised Medicine in The Hague on 23rd April 2018

The Policy Perspective Meeting is one of the event at Ideas from Europe focusing on the topic Reimbursement in the field of Personalised Medicine Dr. Bernd Hensel, HMG Senior Consultant, is invited to the Policy Perspective Meeting Roundtable discussion about the current constraints in the reimbursement opportunities for service providers in ...

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The battle against dangerous medication mix-up

A medication plan should help the physicians and protect the patients (10.04.2018. Claudia Ziob, Fürther Nachrichten) Fuerth – Every day, people are going to the emergency rooms due to wrong medication intake or intolerance to their medicines. Many have lost track of their medicines and even physicians do not have ...

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PGXperts Drug InteraktionsCheck with Pharmacogenetics

We bring drug interactions in to the genomic age The PGXperts Drug InteraktionsCheck with pharmacogenetics examines the interaction risks of about 40,000 different drugs, foods and lifestyle and also investigates the influence of currently 20 different genes. Intuitive operation, clearly structured information (pharmacological effects, mechanisms, possible measures and reference literature). Register now ...

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