12 November 2020 | We are pleased to announce our presence at the virtual e:Med Kick-off Meeting 2020 event on 24-25 November. Join our managing director Herna Muñoz-Galeano online in her lecture “Democratising Personalised Medication” on 25 November, 11:00 – 11:15 am.

PGXperts® Platform enables physicians to manage complex medication for individual patients – safer, faster and personalised. As longstanding supporter of the e:Med Systems Medicine Community in Germany we have a special offer for you:

Try PGXperts® InteractionsCheck 21 days free of charge and save 30 % when purchasing an annual license until Christmas. How it works:

      1. Register at www.pgxperts.com/register
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      3. Enter coupon code 2020-EMED-PGXPERTS
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At e:Med Kick-off Meeting 2020 we are looking forward to joining leading scientists and exceptional young researchers from all over Germany in the emerging field of Systems Medicine.

For more information visit the event website: www.sys-med.de/de/meeting/emed-kick-off-2020/