With PGXperts™, HMG Systems Engineering enables physicians to optimise the medication individually for every patient – safe, precise and fast.

Fuerth – HMG Systems Engineering GmbH and entrepreneur Herna Munoz-Galeano have been awarded with the “IHK-Gründerpreis Mittelfranken 2019”. The award, founded by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Nuremberg and Central Franconia in 1996, honours particularly successful start-ups and innovative founders in the region. The judges praised the development of the innovative medical product PGXperts™ and the entrepreneurial achievements of the company’s founder and managing director Herna Munoz-Galeano. The prize has been awarded during a festive ceremony on the 08th of July 2019. In front of an audience of around 200 guests, Ingrid Hofmann, managing director and sole shareholder of the I.K. Hofmann GmbH, gave the laudatory speech.

Founded in 2014 by Herna Munoz-Galeano the HMG Systems Engineering GmbH (HMG) pursues her vision of delivering the right medication with the right dosage to every patient right from the beginning, as every human metabolises medications differently. This is due to the specific genetic characteristics of each individual. The rapid development of molecular biology also allows the determination of the influence of human genetic makeup on the effectiveness and compatibility of medications. This field of science is called pharmacogenetics.

PGXperts™ advances drug therapy safety into the Genomic Age.   

So far, physicians have had none or only heavily limited possibilities to include pharmacogenetic insights in their daily prescribing practices. In addition to gene-drug interactions the treating practitioner also has to consider the interactions of different medications among each other during prescription. This complex issue needs to be resolved quickly for each medication. Facilitating physicians to prescribe each patient a personalised medication motivated Herna Munoz-Galeano and her team to develop the software platform PGXperts™.

Identification of interaction risks – safe, precise and fast.

PGXperts™ aims at providing each physician quick and secure accessible insights into the interaction of patients’ medications and genetic metabolic properties. Information about pharmacogenetic and pharmacologic interaction risks enables the optimisation of a patients’ individual medication and increases the safety of the drug therapy. For this purpose, PGXperts™ interprets the patients’ relevant pharmacogenetic information. The software consists of HMG’s own expert-curated pharmacogenetic database, which constitutes the current state of scientific research. The database is complemented by a drug interactions check, evaluating the interactions of 173 genetic variations, 40.000 drugs and 60 food and beverages.

Enabling a personalised medication in just a few steps.

PGXperts™ constitutes a simple stratification approach for a personalised medication in the daily practice. Firstly, physicians are enabled to verify medications and identify interaction risks in a matter of seconds in practice or during home visits by using an online application. That way, they find out whether a genetic test might be recommendable or even necessary before prescribing medication.

Secondly, a pharmacogenetic examination can be considered. For this purpose, HMG cooperates with the Institute of Human Genetics at the University Hospital Bonn led by Professor Dr. Markus Nöthen. The results and interpretation of a pharmacogenetic examination are provided to the treating physician within one week. The corresponding report serves as a detailed decision basis and assists the physician in optimising the current medication.

Thirdly, the patient receives his pharmacogenetic profile (PGx-Profile) to secure future changes in medication. The PGx-Profile contains an overview of a patient’s pharmacogenetic characteristics and their belonging active drug substances, ranked by interaction severity. Currently available in German-speaking countries, PGXperts™ will be provided internationally in the near future.

With her former two companies for system integration and engineering services Herna Munoz-Galeano already focused on developing simple solutions for complex problems back in 1998. In the beginning of 2014 the electrical engineer and computer scientist merged her two companies and founded the HMG Systems Engineering GmbH in Fuerth. Since the company’s foundation, the team – currently consisting of 54 employees – has nearly quadrupled. In addition to technical competence, Herna Munoz-Galeano values diversity, respect, openness, and recognition as the keys for the company’s continued success. These factors form a foundation for successful teamwork and innovation.


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The award “IHK-Gründerpreis Mittelfranken”

Since 1996 the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Nuremberg and Central Franconia awards the „IHK-Gründerpreis Mittelfranken“ annually to three particularly successful and young companies which have been founded in the last five years. The award is remunerated with 10.000€ of prize money each and aims at increasing the recognition of start-ups while simultaneously awarding extraordinarily successful business models and entrepreneurs. In 2019 34 young companies submitted their business concepts.

More information can be found here: https://www.ihk-gruenderpreis-mittelfranken.de.