Digitalisation is the Key to Improved Healthcare

A transparent network makes patient-centered healthcare data intersectoral and accessible across all phases of care. Patients and healthcare providers benefit from this equally. A major challenge is that these IT developments are occurring in an increasingly rigorous regulatory environment with a particular focus on data security. In this demanding context, we have already been able to implement two major projects: particle therapy (as part of a consortium) and our highly innovative PGXperts  System.

Personalised Medication

We believe that in the near future, Personalised Medication will enable each patient to receive the right medication, in the right dose and at the right time.

The PGXperts System supports healthcare professionals to review complex medication scenarios based on the determination of drug interaction risks and risk factors in drug therapy Additionally, the interpretation of the patient’s genetic characteristics in terms of individual medication allows for tailored pharmacotherapy. The utilisation of pharmacogenetics is based on two pillars: The gain of knowledge from our extensive database, which contains evidence-based information of fundamental medical and applied research, and the use of this knowledge in clinical routine – supported by state-of-the-art information technology.

There are three core elements to the personalisation of medicine using the PGXxperts System. The PGXperts System provides a detailed description of relevant genetics and their likely expression; the PGXpert System presents the relevant pharmacogentic information regarding risk and efficacy of drugs in a format designed to meet the specific needs of medical professionals; the PGXpert System is fully integrated across the different stages of the patient journey.

Personalise Medication

Personalising medication by considering individual genetics.

Manage Complexity

Provide information on interactions, pharmacogenetics, and drug-specific risk factors.

Digitalise the Medication Process

Simplifying the inefficient process of drug selection through cross-sector digitalisation.

Intelligent and Connected Health

We are convinced that sustainable improvement in care is only possible through adherence to cross-sector standards and deeply interconnected software manufacturers. We are committed to this in international standardisation bodies and overarching medical associations (e.g. CPIC, HL7 Germany and VDI). Since our foundation, we have also been a member of the Medical Valley Ecosystem and the Forum MedTech Pharma.

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