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We are experts in processes and innovation for highly complex digital systems. We offer our clients consulting, software development, integration and testing services. Using advanced methods, such as Functional Anatomy and Use Case based approaches, we deliver projects and products on time and integrated into our customers’ processes – on-site if desired.

Our Services at a Glance

Technical Project Management

Systematic and reliable to success

Successful software projects thrive on clear structures and agility including consistent value orientation, rapid iteration and mutual appreciation.

Our project managers add technical expertise, experience and social competence to your team – even in hybrid and non-agile organisations. Together we find the right approach for your project and establish it with care. The basic agile principles are anchored in our DNA – establishing clear responsibilities and transparency with Scrum and Kanban. Using modern digital platforms, we ensure that teams distributed across many locations work together smoothly.

Requirements Engineering

Making transparent what matters

Requirements engineering is more than just requirements management: systematically, we develop a mutual understanding of problems and solutions across all stakeholders. We refine this insight so that it can be easily grasped, implemented, and maintained.

Our experienced IREB-certified requirements engineers identify what matters in the development of your system. We describe and model the requirements to be optimally understood and used by all project participants – be it in a specification document or as traceable model elements. We support you in establishing a suitable, digital toolchain and matching processes for management, traceability, and maintenance.

System Development

Agile eyes on the big picture

Development must not be siloed – architecture, specification, programming, testing and deployment must instead intertwine in an agile and dynamic manner, taking aspects such as user experience and cybersecurity into account.

Our interdisciplinary teams gather experts from all domains of systems engineering. We design a system architecture that is stable at its core, but open to the future. We implement frontend and backend one-stop, adhering to standards and the highest criteria of code quality – especially for security-relevant systems. Furthermore, we make sure that your frontend not only looks attractive, but is an excellent match for your user’s tasks – both on the web and on mobile devices. With our value-oriented approach, you get the best quality on time and within budget.

System Integration

More than the sum of its parts

Systems integration is the process of combining all virtual and physical components into a single cohesive system – software, hardware, or both – to ensure that all individual parts of the system function as a whole.

Using Functional Anatomy, we integrate various software modules or subsystems into a functioning overall system effectively, efficiently and safely. When developing a new product or integrating different pre-existing systems, we thus ensure harmonious cooperation and improve quality.

We define a step-by-step integration strategy to enable an iterative development process, starting with the integration of the simplest functionality: the “Early Bird”. Then many small integration steps follow, adding new functionalities until the product is complete.

Test Engineering

Your path to quality

Highest quality and safety without breaking the budget – this is only possible with a test strategy that defines what, where, when and how to test.

Every project is unique – we design the test strategy that suits you best. Throughout the project lifecycle, we take care of the planning and execution of testing activities. With our expertise in model-based testing, we implement test factories for efficient and structured test specifications. We achieve optimal test coverage with use-case-based testing. We determine the scope and extent of economical test automation and automate where it adds value. With our team of ISTQB certified test engineers and test managers we lead your project to success.

Processes and Process Conformity

Securing Safety

Development processes describe the shared understanding of how to work and are based on norms or standards if certification is required.

Leverage our many years of experience with implementation and testing of safety-relevant systems in the mobility and medical technology industries and our in-depth knowledge of DIN EN 50657. At our company, we maintain a certified quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 13485. We support you in process design, improvement, compliance and documentation in the context of software development for rail vehicles and medical devices.

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