World Patients Safety Day

World Patients Safety Day

Together with PGXperts for a safe and personalised medication

September 17 is World Patients Safety Day This year’s goal is, on the one hand, to raise awareness among healthcare organisations and medical staff about how to further engage and hear the voice of patients, and, on the other hand, to empower patients themselves with their voice and make them aware of the importance of their role in healthcare.

In the last decades, drug therapy has made major breakthroughs that have enabled new treatment options and improved quality of life. Nevertheless, complex therapies and the use of multiple drugs result in increased risk of adverse drug reactions.

With PGXperts, we are helping to increase patient safety by providing physicians and healthcare professionals with information they can use to review and adjust their patients’ drug therapy.

Every year around September 17, numerous campaigns and events take place throughout Germany. The action alliance patient safety also offers a free guide with five important questions about medication to help prepare for the next visit to the doctor.

Learn more about PGXperts at and download the “5 Questions to Ask When It Comes to Your Medications” guide now.

For more information on World Patients Safety Day 2023 and planned events, please visit the official website.

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