PGXperts PRiM - KHZG

PGXperts PRiM and VMobil meet KHZG funding requirement 5: Digital Medication Management

The Hospital Future Act (Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz, KHZG) is an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Health with the intention to promote the digitalization of hospitals. Through the Hospital Future Fund (Krankenhauszukunftsfond, KHZF), projects with a volume of up to 4.3 billion euros are funded by the Federal Social Security Office (BAS).

The KHZG is divided into different funding requirements. In addition to funding requirements on the emergency room and care processes, there is funding requirement 5 on digital medication management.

Through our strategic cooperation with ADVANOVA GmbH, we match all the mandatory criteria of the funding requirements for digital medication management. Therefore, we are fully eligible for funding for the introduction in hospitals. Thus, the introduction of a drug therapy safety curve considering pharmacogenetics as well as facilitating patient drug history and discharge management is possible for a hospital in a cost-neutral manner.